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Curriculum Guide
Course Selection and Changes (Grade 9-12)

Students are given the opportunity in the spring of the year to choose the courses they wish for the
following year.  At that time,they are encouraged to discuss their choices with their parents,
teachers, guidance counsellor and/or administrators.

It is assumed, then, that students have chosen the courses they wish to take and that very few
adjustments will need to be made later.

The Student Services Department contacts students in July to make accommodations for failures on
student timetables for the next year.

Students may be allowed to make course changes during the school year, provided that they have a
legitimate reason and they follow the steps required.  Legitimate reasons might include the following:

inadequate background or prerequisites for a course;

acknowledgement by both teacher and student that the course work is going to be too difficult or too

Students wishing to make course changes must see the Student Services counsellor, and promptly
follow the steps outlined on the course change sheet.

While the course change process is taking place, students are expected to continue attending their
current classes.

Dropped courses show on the official transcript if they are dropped after midterm exams.

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