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Peer abuse stops within 10 seconds if a bystander intercedes in a constructive manner on behalf of the person being abused.


Difference Between Reporting and Ratting

Everyone has the right to live, learn, work and play in a safe, caring, welcoming and respectful environment free from fear.

Reporting unsafe, dangerous, mean and nasty behaviours to an adult is the right thing to do, because it could…

·        Save your life            

·        Protect your feelings and your body         

·        Save someone else’s life

·        Keep (School name) safe.


To Report or Not to Report

        Is the behaviour cruel, mean and nasty?
        Is someone scared?
        Is someone in danger of being hurt or killed?
        If you don’t report, how might you feel, if someone is seriously injured or harms his or herself? 
        Is it against the law?

                   Remember, telling an adult may help your fellow student.    

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