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How to Report an Absence Content
Attendance Policy

Responsibilities of Students

* Students who are under sixteen years of age must attend school, as mandated by the Education Act.

* A student's timetable is his or her contract with the school.  As such, it is expected that all students follow that timetable unless excused by a note from a parent or guardian.

* Students are expected to be on time for all classes.

* Students must take increasing responsibility for their own attendance and for catching up on work missed when absent for any reason.

Responsibilities of Parents

* Parents should encourage regular attendance by supporting the concept that education is vital to future success.

* Every effort to schedule medical appointments and family vacations outside of regular school times would support the positive attendance policy.

*  There are occassions when students should be kept at home, for example, when they are suffering from severe colds or flu, both for the benefit of their own recovery and with regard to the health of others.  In the case of contagious disease, parents are asked to notify the school immediately.

* Parents are asked to write notes promptly for students after an absence.

* Parents are encouraged to phone the school if their son/daughter is going to be absent.  You may call the school at anytime of the day or night to report such absences.  If you are calling after 3:30 p.m., just leave your message on the voicemail, ext. 100.  In that case, a note following the absence is not required.

* Parents are encouraged to phone the school if they have any concerns abou tthe attendance of their son/daughter.

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