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Financing Your Education
Financing Your Education        


The objective of the Ontario Student Assistance Program is to help students from lower income families to meet the costs of post secondary education. OSAP is intended to promote equality of opportunity for post-secondary studies by providing direct financial assistance for educational costs (such as tuition fees, books, and supplies) and basic living expenses.  Other OSAP programs offer assistance to students with specific needs; for example, Assistance for Students with Disabilities.

Before applying try the new OSAP “Access Window”, a post-secondary planning tool available at
CanLearn contains a vast store of information on the costs of attending a Canadian college or university and the wide variety of ways of financing your education.  It is a huge site, but it is easy to navigate.  Take the time to explore the whole site. -
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Scholarships and Deadlines
This is not a complete list of scholarships.  This list simply highlights some of the major awards available.  Do not limit yourself to these awards.  Be sure to research the awards well before the indicated deadline.  If reference letters are required, be sure to plan well in advance.

General Scholarships

Loran AwardCanadian Merit Scholarship Foundation - Click Here
Value:  Up to $16,000/year
* Character – CMSF scholars are enthusiastic, passionate individuals who possess a moral force of character
* Leadership – Scholars demonstrate entrepreneurial energy and leadership qualities
* Service – Scholars have made a difference in their communities
* Academics – candidates must have 85% minimum average    

Deadlines:   Mid October  - Nominated applicants (High schools can nominate up to 3 students)
                   Early November – Direct Application

TD Canada TrustTD Canada Trust - Click Here
Value:  Up to $70,000    
* Final year of high school
* Demonstrated outstanding community leadership
* Minimum 75% average
* Letters of reference and essay required

Deadline:  Late October  

Fireside ScholarshipFireside Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $1000
* school nominates one candidate based on a 750 word essay focused on “Catholicity”

Deadline:  Early November

Burger King ScholarshipBurger King Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $1000    
* Maintain a 75-80% average in high school
* Work part-time an average of 15 hrs/week
* Good conduct at school and job
* Demonstrate financial need
* Plan to enroll in a 2 to 4 year program at college or university
* School nominates 1 student

Deadline:  Mid December    

Wendy's Classic AchieverWendy’s Classic Achiever - Click Here
Value:  Up to $2000
* Academic excellence
* Extra-curricular activities
* Community Service
* Minimum 70% average
* 300 word essay required

Deadline:  Mid December

Millenium ScholarshipsMillenium Scholarships - Click Here
Value:  Up to $20,000
* Citizenship
* Strong academic achievement
* Leadership
* Innovation

Deadline:  Mid December

Vari Scholarship (U of T)Vari Scholarship (U of T) - Click here
Value:  Up to $50,000
* must be planning to attend Victoria College at U of T in the faculty of Arts and Science
* must demonstrate a genuine interest and commitment to the teaching profession
* plan to pursue a career in teaching at the secondary level in Ontario
* must demonstrate financial need (complete a financial statement)
* high academic standing

Deadline:  Early January

Canadian Engineering Memorial FoundationCanadian Engineering Memorial Foundation - Click Here
Value:  $5,000
* females planning to enter an engineering program
* community leadership and involvement in extra-curricular activities

Deadline:  Mid-January

Queen's University Major ScholarshipsQueen’s University Major Scholarships (Chancellors, BMO…) - Click Here
Value:  Varied amounts
* superior academic ability
* evidence of leadership
* some require nomination from principal (see website for specific details)

Deadline:  Late January

Toyota Earth Day ScholarshipToyota Earth Day Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $5000
* environmental community service
* extra-curricular activities
* volunteering
* academic excellence

Deadline:  Late January

Hubert H. Carnegie Citizen AwardHubert H. Carnegie Citizen Award - Click Here
Value:  $1000
* exemplary citizenship
* extensive community service
* demonstrate financial need
* evidence of potential for success

Deadline:  Late January

Terry Fox Humanitarian AwardTerry Fox Humanitarian Award - Click Here
Value:  Up to $7000/year
* involvement in voluntary humanitarian work
* planning to pursue a degree or diploma at a Canadian post-secondary institution
* satisfactory academic standing
* three letters of reference

Deadline:  Early February

J.V. Findlay BursaryJ.V. Findlay Bursary - Click Here
Value:  $500
* pursuing studies in occupational safety, health or the workplace environment

Deadline:  Early February    

Western University Major ScholarshipsWestern University Major Scholarships - Click Here
Value:  Varied amounts
* outstanding academic achievement
* creative and innovative thought
* extra-curricular involvement

Deadline:  Mid February

Waterloo Mathematics National ScholarshipWaterloo Mathematics National Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $18,000 over 4 years
* Entering Faculty of Mathematics
* Distinguished results in Math or Computer Science
* Entrepreneurial experience
* Strong interpersonal skills
* energetic, curious

Deadline:  Mid February

Carol Ann Letheren Leadership & Sport ScholarshipCarol Anne Letheren Leadership & Sport Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $1500
* Female students
* Applying to general arts program with emphasis in business, sport management or marketing fields
* Leadership, respect, fun, fairness and peace
* 85% minimum average
* Accomplished athlete in high school, community, provincial level

Deadline:  Late February

Epilepsy Kingston AwardEpilepsy Kingston Award - Click Here
Value:  $1000
* must be currently under a physician’s care for epilepsy
* short essay required

Deadline:  Late February

Allan Simpson Educational AwardAllan Simpson Educational Award - Click Here
Value:  $2500 (approx)
* applicant must be an orphan (both parents deceased)
* planning to attend College or University

Deadline:  Early March

Ottawa University Major AwardsOttawa University Major Awards - Click Here
Value:  Up to $30,000
* 92%  minimum average
* 800 word essay
* Leadership
* Bilingual (for some awards- see website)

Deadline:  Early March

Carleton University Major AwardsCarleton University Major Awards - Click Here
Deadline:  Up to $7,500/year
* 90% minimum average
* strong extra-curricular involvement

Deadline:  Early March

Padgett ScholarshipPadgett Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $500
* dependent of a small business owner (employing less than 20 people)
* planning to attend a post-secondary institution

Deadline:  Early March

Canadian Association of Principals Student Leadership AwardCanadian Association of Principals Student Leadership Award - Click Here
Value:  $500
* Leadership
* Academic Achievement
* Essay required

Deadline:  March

Canadian Hospitality FoundationCanadian Hospitality Foundation - Click Here
Value:  Up to $3,500
* entering college or university in the food service/hospitality industry

Deadline:  Mid March

Miller Thomson Foundation National ScholarshipMiller Thomson Foundation National Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $1000
* Must be pursuing college or university in Canada
* Academic abilities
* school/community contributions

Deadline:  Late March

Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship (for CollegeGarfield Weston Merit Scholarship (for College) - Click Here
*Leadership potential
* Record of service to school/community
* Minimum 75% average
* Applying to college for 2-3 year program

Deadline:  Early April

Ryerson University Major AwardsRyerson University Major Awards - Click Here
Value:  Up to $5,000/year
* 90% minimum average
* Demonstrate leadership, original thought and creativity

Deadline:  Early April

Girl Guides of CanadaGirl Guides of Canada - Click Here
Value:  $1,500
* registered member of Girl Guides
* planning to attend a Canadian college or university

Deadline:  Early April

CIBC Youth Vision ScholarshipCIBC Youth Vision Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $4,000
* enrolled with Big Brothers/Sisters
* 60% minimum average
* planning to attend Canadian college or university

Deadline:  Early April

CMA Ontario ScholarshipCMA Ontario Scholarship - Click Here
Value:  $1,000
* planning to enroll in full-time business studies at an Ontario university
* 80% minimum average (including 80% in Grade 11 Accounting)
* essay and resumé required

Deadline:  Early April

Ontario Knights of Columbus BursaryOntario Knights of Columbus Bursary - Click Here
Value:  $500
* Dependent of a member of Knights of Columbus
* Academic Achievement
* Financial Need

Deadline:  Mid April

OSSTF Family Bursary ProgramOSSTF Family Bursary Program - Click Here
Value:  $1,500
* dependent of a member of OSSTF
* must be pursuing Canadian college or university
* Proven record of involvement/leadership in the school and community, showing interest in community, labour/union and/or social issues

Deadline:  Late April

Aird ScholarshipAird Scholarship - Click Here or call 1-800-465-3957
Value:  $2,500
* have a major physical disability
* planning to attend and Ontario college or University

Deadline:  Late April

Ontario Hockey FederationOntario Hockey Federation  - Click Here
Value:  $1,000
* registered for 3 years within the OHF
* planning to attend post-secondary institution
* maintained good academic standing

Deadline:  Late April

Frontenac Community Futures Development Corp. BursaryFrontenac Community Futures Development Corp. Bursary - Click Here or call 613-372-1414
Value:  $500
* resident within the County of Frontenac
* registered (or intend to register within the next 2 years)  for a full-time accredited apprenticeship program at St. Lawrence College

Deadline:  Late April

Woodruff Bounty Trust FundWoodruff Bounty Trust Fund - (416) 397-2595
Value:  $600
* financial need
* pursuing a post-secondary education in architecture, engineering or applied arts & technology

Deadline:  Early May

Greyhound ScholarshipsGreyhound Scholarships - Click Here
Value:  $500-$2500
* 80% minimum average
* awarded by a draw
* students drop off transcript to nearest Greyhound depot

Deadline:  Early May

Royal Bank Lifeskills AwardRoyal Bank Lifeskills Award - Click Here
Value:  $2000+
* hard worker, innovation
* 65% minimum average with acceptance to Canadian college or university

Deadline:  Mid May

OECTA BursaryOECTA Bursary - Click Here
Value:  $1,000
* financial need
* pursuing post-secondary studies

Deadline:  Mid May

Learning Matters Education CharityLearning Matters Education Charity - Click Here
Value:  $2,500
* financial need
* community involvement
* academic excellence
* essay and letters of recommendation required

Deadline:  Late June

Dr. Albert Rose BursaryDr. Albert Rose Bursary - Click Here
Value:  $3,000
* Financial need
* planning to attend post-secondary

Deadline:  Early July

OTIP Academic Bursary ProgramOTIP Academic Bursary Program -Click Here
Value:  $1,500
* Your parent or legal guardian must be insured through an individual or group policy of an insurance plan or program provided by OTIP.

Deadline:  Mid June    



Students With Special Needs

Mattinson Endowment Fund Scholarship for Disabled StudentsMattinson Endowment Fund Scholarship for Disabled Students:
For undergraduate studies in a degree granting program; $2,500 one year; deadline for application is June 1st

Association for Universities and Colleges Awards Program
600 - 350 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON   K1R 1B1
Tel: (613) 563-1236     Fax: (613) 563-9745
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Imperial Tobacco Canada Ltd. Scholarship Fund for Disabled StudentsImperial Tobacco Canada Limited Scholarship Fund for Disabled Students:
For university or college studies by students with disabilities; $5,000 annually; deadline for application is June 1st

Association for Universities and Colleges Awards Program
600 - 350 Albert Street, Ottawa, ON   K1R 1B1
Tel: (613) 563-1236     Fax: (613) 563-9745
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Doreen Kronick ScholarshipDoreen Kronick Scholarship:
For graduate studies in a program which will train the student to work with persons with learning disabilities; $700; application deadline is May 15.

LDA of Canada
323 Chapel Street, Ottawa, ON   K1N 7Z2
Tel: (613) 238-5721     Fax: (613) 235-5391    
Click Here

Carol Thompson Memorial Fund ScholarshipCarol Thompson Memorial Fund Scholarship:
For students with learning disabilities attending college or university; $700; application deadline May 15, LDA of Canada.

LDA of Canada
323 Chapel Street, Ottawa, ON   K1N 7Z2
Tel: (613) 238-5721     Fax: (613) 235-5391    
Click Here

Justin Eves Foundation ScholarshipJustin Eves Foundation Scholarship:
For students with learning disabilities attending college or university.  Applications must be received on or before April 15 to be considered for funding for the coming academic year.

The Justin Eves Foundation
40 Dundas St. W. Suite 200, Toronto, ON   M5G 2C2
Tel: (416) 586-0085     Fax: (416) 586-0050
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: Click Here

Roy Cooper Scholarship AwardRoy Cooper Scholarship Award:
As $1,000 scholarship award will be given to a high school student who has a documented learning disability and will be attending University or College during the 20-5 - 2006 school year, majoring in engineering and/or physical sciences discipline.  Deadline for submissions is May 26. Please contact LDAK (Learning Disabilities Association of Kingston) at 545-0373 for an application.  Fax 549-7855

The Donald Cummings Apprenticeship and Industry Training ScholarshipThe Donald Cummings Apprenticeship and Industry Training Scholarship:
For Students with learning disabilities who are interested in pursuing an apprenticeship or occupational training program for a career in the trades areas.
Application Deadline - May 15

LDA of Canada
323 Chapel Street, Ottawa, ON   K1N 7Z2
Tel: (613) 238-5721     Fax: (613) 235-5391    
Click Here

JoAnna Townsend Art ScholarshipJoAnna Townsend Art Scholarship:
For students with learning disabilities who demonstrate an interest in pursuing an education and/or career in any of the various applied arts programs including the performance of music, drama, dance and creativity of visual art.  One scholarship will be awarded annually at a value of $1,000. Application Deadline -

Application Information Application and criteria can be downloaded from:
LDAC website - Click Here
Tel: (613) 238-5721
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Gloria Landis Memorial BursaryGloria Landis Memorial Bursary:
To provide financial assistance to a mature individual with learning disabilities who is in a postsecondary program or accredited vocational institute, and has been absent from full-time education for a period of three years.  The bursary is valued at $1000 annually.

Contact:   Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario
365 Bloor Street East,
Suite 1104, Box 39
Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3L4
Telephone (416) 929-4311    Fax (416)929-3905
Website Click Here



Scholarships available to Students with Physical Disabilities

The Maurice Izzard Memorial AwardThe Maurice Izzard Memorial Award:
For a student with a physical disability who plans to pursue a post secondary education at university or college in the fall of 2005.  The value of the award is $500 and will be given by the Bloor view MacMillan School Authority.  The application submission deadline is May 30.

Contact Judie Bowles for information     (416) 425-2981
Click Here

"Whipper" Billy Watson Education Bursary“Whipper” Billy Watson Education Bursary:

For students with physical disabilities in full-time study at an Ontario College of Applied Arts & Technology.  Annual bursaries are granted to one male and one female applicant who demonstrate potential for studies at the Community College level.  Application forms and supporting documents must be submitted by April 30.

Linda Larocque, Director,
Bloorview MacMillan School Authority,
150m Kilgour Road,
Toronto, Ontario, M4G 1R8

Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone   (416) 424-3831    Fax (416) 425-2981
Application website - Click Here




Heather Lynne Wells Memorial Education FundHeather Lynne Wells Memorial Education Fund
To assist youth in the pursuit of their post-secondary educational goals.  A $500 award has been established through the Youth Diversion Program, for secondary level students who have faced adversity or challenge.  The application deadline is May 15.

Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it     
Website - Click Here

AUCC Scholarship for Students with DisabilitiesAUCC Scholarship for Students with Disabilities*
All disciplines are eligible at the degree level in a Canadian university or college.  A $5,000 award will be awarded to a maximum of ten applicants.

Duration: One year, may be renewed upon re-application

For more information contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

*“A disability is a functional limitation resulting from a physical, sensory, or mental impairment, which, for an  indefinite period, affects the ability of the student to perform the activities necessary to participate fully in postsecondary learning.”

Epilepsy Scholarship Award

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