Elementary Update to Masks in School

Mask Update in Schools K-3


At the LDSB Board Meeting on 26 August, Trustees unanimously passed the following motion

“That all students in the LDSB (K-12) wear masks inside schools and on buses, allowing for appropriate medical exemptions. For younger students from Kindergarten to grade 3, staff will explore alternatives, such as face shields, for students who are unable to wear masks. Staff will work toward compliance among younger students with compassion and a focus on education. There will be no disciplinary action for students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 having difficulty complying with this direction.”

Please note masks are NOT mandatory for K-Grade 3 students. The motion recognizes that the safety of all students and staff is increased when masks are worn so we want to actively encourage and educate all students to wear masks. For our K-Grade 3 students wearing a mask is a goal not a requirement. So we would ask that our K-Grade 3 parents send a mask for their child so we can work toward this goal. As we do for our other students, we will provide mask if required.