Social Distancing Practices for Secondary Students

Reminder to Secondary Students
This is an important reminder for secondary students and families about doing your part to keep each other safe during lunch breaks.

While students and staff have returned to school, COVID-19 is still a reality in our communities. It is critical that we all do our part to ensure we are following public health guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  This includes maintaining physical distancing of 2 metres and wearing masks when that is not possible.  During lunch breaks, even outside of school, all students must follow the same guidelines that exist when outside of your home.

Even when outside, if you cannot maintain 2 metres of physical distancing from your friends, you must wear a mask. We know outdoor time is intended to give you a break from wearing a mask, but to do so, you must maintain physical distancing of 2 metres.

We know these guidelines are challenging and even frustrating but they are required to reduce community spread of COVID-19 and keep our schools open.

If students do not follow this direction, there will be potential changes to the structure of lunch and break times.

You may see these measures as unnecessary, but your health, the health of your friends, the health of your family – particularly those at greater risk of illness due to COVID-19 – and the health of the greater community all depend on each of us doing our part to maximize safety, and reduce risk.

Please do your part to keep everyone safe and healthy.