Elementary Class School Reorganization

Elementary Class Reorganization

Our school enrollment has increased significantly this year. We are so pleased that North Addington Education Centre is a place where people want to be! We have been approved to add a new class and teacher at the grade 3/4 level and balance all class sizes. We will also add another Early Childhood Educator (ECE) at the kindergarten level. The new school structure will be as follows:

JK/SK Mrs. Ohlke (with ECE to be determined)

JK/SK Mrs. Fuller (with ECE Mrs. Wagner)

Grade 1 Mrs. Halfpenny

Grade 1/2 Ms. Sills

Grade 2/3 Mrs. Wagar

Grade 3/4 Mrs. Skinner

Grade 4/5 Mr. Reynolds

Grade 5/6 Mrs. Snider

Grade 6/7 Mrs. Beeg

Grade 8 Mrs. Dunham

We are committed to ensuring that every child has the best possible learning environment suited to their needs. Class placements have been determined in consultation with staff. Your child will have received a note today that includes a confirmation of their class assignment and teacher. Students will be starting in the reorganized classes on Monday, September 16th.