Secondary EQAO Information 2019

Secondary EQAO Information 2019, Semester 1

September Newsletter Notice

EQAO Results

This month, parents and guardians will receive their child’s Individual Student Report (ISR). This report contains their child’s results from the Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics, administered in winter and spring 2019.

EQAO results offer an independent snapshot that shows whether students are meeting math expectations from The Ontario Curriculum. In receiving the ISR, there is an opportunity for parents and guardians to have discussions about their child’s achievement within their family or with a teacher (e.g., parent/guardian-teacher interview).

EQAO data should be considered alongside other information—such as in-class assessment results, report-card grades and teacher observations—so parents and guardians can build a fuller understanding of their child’s learning.

Parents and guardians can learn more about assessment results through EQAO’s website ( or by clicking the following link:

§ Parents: Grade 9 Math