Student Exam Procedures

Exam Procedures

**NOTE:  DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER, ALL EXAMS ARE PUSHED FORWARD ONE DAY** (ie. Thursday, January 24 will be written on Friday, January 25th and so on" 



* Check carefully the date and time of your final examinations. All exams will be written in your regular classroom. Grades 9 and 10 will have 1.5 hour exams and Grades 11 and 12 will have 2 hour exams. Morning exams begin at 9:00 am and afternoon exams begin at 12:00 pm.


* Students must be ready outside the door of the classroom 10 minutes prior to the beginning of the exam with all necessary materials needed for exam completion (ex. calculator, ruler, pen, pencil).


* Students must remain in the exam room for at least one (1) hour. At that time, students who have completed their exam will be dismissed by their teacher. Students will not be allowed to leave the exam room in the last 15 minutes of the exam time. Students must wait in the exam room until they are dismissed by their teacher.


* If you are absent from an exam you must notify the school immediately and have a doctor’s note or another official document explaining your absence.


* Buses will run on their normal schedule. A bus will also be leaving the school at 11:30 am following the late bus route. If you do not have a scheduled exam, you are not to be at school. If you do not have an exam in the afternoon you must take the early bus home or make alternate transportation arrangements.


* If buses do not run, the exams for that day will be held on the Inclement Weather Day – Tuesday, January 29, 2019. The rest of the exam schedule remains intact. Students cannot come to the school to write exams if the buses are cancelled.


* Exam week is an important week for all students. While exams are being written, the Resource Centre is available for quiet study and the cafeteria is available for work with small groups. All other areas of the school are being used for exams and are unavailable for student use. Students who are working directly with a teacher may be in alternate locations. All other areas of the school are off-limits to students.


* We wish all students the best of luck in their studies and encourage all of you to seek extra help where needed before your final assessments.


* If you have any questions or concerns about exam time, please see your classroom teacher or Ms. Yanch in Student Services.

January 2019 Exam Schedule