Regular attendance is the single most important indicator of long term success in school. 

Notes are required:

* after any absence from class excluding field trips; after an illness (if not reached by phone);

* to leave school early for some reason;

* to be excused from the school for the day. Students must sign out at the main office.

* to travel home on a different bus–bus pass must be issued;

* for students to leave the bus at a different drop off spot–bus pass must be issued;

* if a student mustbe excused from some school activity;

Notes should show:

* date the note was written;

* the date(s) missed;

* reason(s) for the absence;

* student’s full name;

* signature of parent or guardian, or the student if over eighteen.

Late for School

* Students who are late for school must come to the main office and sign in.

* Students who sign in before 9:55 a.m. will be marked late for school.

* Students who sign in after lunch will be counted as a half day absent.

* Students who sign out after 2:00 p.m. will be counted present for the day.

* Students who have signed out will not remain on school property.