Our Staff

Elementary Teachers 

 Janice Fuller  JK/Sk 
 Linda Ohlke   JK/SK
 Tegan Halfpenny  Grade 1
 Taylor Sills  Grade 1/2
 Amanda Wagar  Grade 2/3 
 Erika Mortaley  Grade 3/4
 Terry Reynolds  Grade 4/5
 Robin Snider   Grade 5/6
 April Beeg   Grade 6/7 
 Jennifer Dunham  Grade 8 
 Dickson Rewbotham French/Grade 6/7
 Sylvia Bumstead   French 
  Belinda Jackson  Dance/Drama

Secondary Teachers 

  Eric Borger 
  Candice Bovard
  Phil Defosse
  Rebecca Dunphy 
  Nicole Goodfellow 
  Misti Harnden 
  Beth Hasler 
  Joel Hasler 
  Corinne Keller 
  Dave Kerr 
  Katie Ohlke 
  Leanne Shepherd 
  Darren Sissons 
  Kora Sissons
  Sarah Sproule 
  Rebecca Yanch 

If you have any concerns or you need to contact a teacher at N.A.E.C., please call 613-336-8991.  Ask for their voicemail, or feel free to leave a message.