Head Lice Reminder

Head Lice Reminder
Head Lice 101

Head Lice

Schools play an important role in the control of head lice because of the impact on the educational program of the student.  Parents should take an active role in the control of this problem.  NAEC has individuals who are trained on the proper methods of looking for lice and nits.  If your child is exhibiting signs of head lice (pediculosis), please be assured that your child’s right to privacy, dignity, and cultural sensitivity is respected. Head lice is common in school-aged children.

Having head lice is not a health hazard but does require immediate treatment to stop the spread to other children and adults.

We know that treating head lice is a costly expense, but DID YOU KNOW that if you contact your primary care provider such as a doctor or nurse practitioner for a prescription, it will be covered at no cost to you thanks the new OHIP Plus Plan? Your pharmacist, nurse practitioner or doctor will be able to help you decide which treatment is best for your family. If you are unable to access the recommended treatments, please contact the school for support.

It is also important to check all family members and notify others (friends, family, neighbours etc.) who may have come into contact with the child who has head lice. As long as your child is being treated, he/she is welcome at school. We must work together so that we can stop the spread of head lice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school.