Student Drop Off/Bus Safety

This is an important message about bus notes.

Issuing bus notes continues to be an area of great concern. To ensure student safety, any changes to their regular bussing needs to be requested by a signed note sent with the student in the morning. Any changes made by phone should be done only in an emergency and the school must be notified before 1pm in order to process the change properly and safely. Also, we are no longer able to accept multiple day bus notes. We can only accept bus notes for the current day. Thank you for your assistance. We know how important it is to ensure your child’s safe transportation to school.

Bus Stops

Triboard will not allow the drivers to let students off the bus at an unauthorized stop. This means, when you are sending your child to an alternate location, it must already be an existing stop where another child gets on or off. If you would like to arrange for your child to be dropped off at a location that is NOT already an existing stop you must file a Transportation Application Form (available from the office) and wait for approval from Triboard. This process usually takes a day or two.